A zone is territorial division of an area for administrative purposes. This section facilitates the administrator to:

  • Add a new zone
  • Search for any zone

o Keyword: Name

  • Edit the record of any zone
  • Delete selected zone

 How to Add a New Zone

The user can click the New button on the main grid to add a new zone. Below are the fields present during this process:

 How to Edit a Zone

Clicking on the Edit link for a zone will display zone information to be edited.

 How to Delete a Zone

Clicking on the Delete link for a zone will display a confirmation pop up for deletion.


The Settings section enables the user to perform settings related to the Compliance Module. Click on the settings option from the left selection menu under the Compliance Module.

The user can see the following setting categories:

· Owners

· Companies

· Master

· Branch Served

· Ethnic Origin

· Religious Background

The sort order will be by ‘Last Updated’ in ascending order. Custom sorting can be done by clicking on the column headers.