What are the five major stages in the lead management lifecycle?

What are the five major stages in the lead management lifecycle?

  1. Capture New Leads - The first step is to get leads into the system quickly. Leads can come from just about anywhere - your website, a lead provider, a referral, a marketing list, etc. Naranga Lead Management provides a variety of lead source integration tools including web forms, xml/http posts, and import tools.

  2. Distribute Leads - Once leads are received, it is critical to routeing them in real-time to your sales agents. Our proprietary intelligent lead routing engine does this.

  3. Track & Disposition - After your sales agents receive leads, they must diligently call, email and log activity as they work toward conversion. Naranga Lead Management creates an easy process for systematically working leads to be sure that no leads are wasted.

  4. Convert or Nurture - Not all leads convert immediately, but a large portion of leads convert eventually with diligent and effective follow-up. That is why lead nurturing is critical to have regular touchpoints with prospects until they are ready to buy.

  5. Analyze Results - The last and most important step in the sales process is analyzing how effective your sales and marketing has been. Naranga Lead Management provides powerful and easy to use reporting and metrics tools that make it easy to understand your true ROI.