Trackable Links

A trackable link is just what it sounds like, a link that is inserted into a campaign email that sends a notification when the prospect clicks on it. This allows brokers to know which prospects are more serious about their concept. Trackable links can be in the form of a URL, a Document, or a Webmercial; which is a landing page with graphics and clickable/trackable links embedded in it.

Trackable links can be created in the Library tab, or in the Campaigns list, you can click the corresponding "Links" link to its right.

***Note*** Links created in the Library can be used in any campaign message, while links created at the campaign level can only be used on that specific campaign.


Clicking on this link will take you to a screen where you can add the link.


Please also note that the existing link has a number over "1000". This means it is a general link that can be used in any campaign. If the link has a number under "1000" it is specific to that campaign only.

On the page, look in the upper right for a dropdown labeled "New Link: "You will have three options here, "Webmercial", "Document", and "URL." Since for this exercise, we want to add a URL, select that option and hit "Add" to the right of it.

From here, you will see three fields in front of you.


  • Link Description: This is for your purposes, so you know what the link is. You can name it whatever you need to so that you will know what it is, but please keep in mind there is a 100 character limit.

  • Destination (URL): This is where you actually plug in the URL you want the lead to go to.

  • Link Text: This is what will show up in the email and what the leads will see when they receive the email. You usually want to make it show up something that will flow with the email.

Please keep in mind that both the URL and Text fields have a 200 character limit. When you have everything you want the way you want it, simply click "Save" and you go back to the original page.

As you can see, the new link is now displayed on the page, and as previously discussed, has a "Link" of 1. This means it will only work for this one campaign.


You are also able to add a document in a similar way. You will first have to upload the document into the system. To upload a document, under the "Campaigns" tab, you will find a link labeled "Documents".


This will bring you a screen where you can upload documents. You can upload Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFs into the system. To add a document, you will need to click the "Add Document" link in the upper right-hand corner.


Once again, you will notice three fields.


  • Document Title: This is for your use to allow you to know what the document is for. As long as you understand what the title means, you are able to use it. Once again though, we do have a one-hundred-character limit in this field.

  • Category: This field is used to help classify what the document is. This dropdown is required and if there are no options, it is because you have not created one. You will need to go back to the "Add Document" page and select "Add Category" to create one. If you are able to select one, please select the category that best fits the document.

  • Document: This will bring up a Windows browser that will allow you to select the location on your computer where the file is.

Select "Save" and you will see the document was successfully uploaded.

You can follow the same steps to create a Webmercial as well. The only step to remember is you will have to create the Webmercial in the corresponding "Webmercial" link to the right of the campaign you are trying to edit.