Time Report

Time Report

The Time Report tab enables you to view the clocked-in and clocked-out work time of employees. By default, all employees, all departments, and  the ‘Current Week’ report will be displayed. The report will be sub-divided for each employee. Name of the employee will be printed first along with the total number of hours spent in the selected time period.

The following filters will be available for Employees grid:

  1. Departments: It will contain an auto suggested list of all active departments. By default, ‘All Departments’ will be selected.
  2. Time Period: By default, the period is ‘This Week.’ However, you have the ability to select one of the following time periods i.e.; This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Quarter, Last Quarter, This Year, Last Year or any custom time period.
  3. Search: search will be a full-text search. It will search in ‘Employee Name’ only. The keyword will not be removed from search box. The search field has a 50 character limit.
  4. Employees Filter: It will contain an auto suggested list of all active employees. By default, ‘All Employees’ will be selected.


How to Add New Time Record 

You can perform the following actions to the Employee Time Report by using the ‘Actions’ dropdown:

  • New Time Record: You can create a new time record.
  • Print: You can print the time report by clicking this option
  • Export to Excel: You can download the time report in Excel format