Reports - Franchise Mgt

Reports - Franchise Mgt

Reports hold all existing reports related to Franchise and Franchise Management. Multi-Unit, Single Unit, Store List, and other existing reports are listed here with the same format. 


The following types of reports can be created:

· Location List: Report will consist of the selected locations

· Locations List by Status: Will create a report of locations with specific selected statuses.

· Owners Deleted: Creates a report containing the list of deleted owners.

· Location Status History Report: Creates a report of Location Status History.

· Transfer History Report: Creates the report of Transfer history of selected locations

· Multi-Unit Enterprise Report: Creates a report of Multi-Unit Enterprise Statistics

· MUE Revenue Report: Creates MUE revenue report of selected locations for a specific duration.

· Single-Unit Enterprise Report: Enables the user to create a report of the selected location with a Single-Unit Enterprise

· Owner List by Religion: Allows the user to generate an excel report of owners filtered by their religion.

The user can select the desired type of report from the left report selection menu, and then select the stores and specific options regarding the report on the right side. Click on ‘Export to Excel’ to export the Report.