Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

The notes section allows the user to view and manage notes and activities for the compliance module of the selected location.  The red bubble with a number indicates the number of notes for the location.

The Notes area displays the list of notes with the following details:

· Subject of Note

· Name of the user that created it

· Date

· Note Description


Search bar is available on the top that allows the user to search notes on the basis of their subject.

The user can add a new note by clicking on the Add button available. A new area will appear where the user can add the Subject and Description of the New Note. Click on ‘Post’ to post the note or ‘Cancel’ to cancel it.

The user can also edit or delete the note by clicking on the Edit/Delete options. The user also has the option to create a Helpdesk Ticket, clicking on which it will redirect the user to the Inbox section of Solution Center, where the user can create it.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery section manages the photo images for the location. The user can create folders and relevant images in them. The user can edit or delete these folders by clicking on the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ option below them. The system will prompt you to enter the reason for deleting a folder. It is mandatory to add a reason for deletion.

How to View Images in Photo Gallery

Clicking on a Photo Gallery folder will display the images it contains.


The user can click on any picture and it will open the image description, and you can navigate through pictures like a slide show.


· The user can set an image as the default photo for a location or download.

· Edit:

o Clicking the ‘Edit’ link will allow the user to edit the title, description, and uploaded image. The below pop up is displayed as a result:

· Delete:

o Click on the Delete link below any image to delete the image. The below pop up is displayed for the user to enter a reason for deletion:


· Add:

o Click on the Add link available, to upload an image in the folder.

· Search:

o The user can search the images by the image name keyword.

How to Add New Folder in Photo Gallery

The user can add a new folder by clicking on the Add link available on the top right of the Photo Gallery. A new pop up will appear where the user will have to enter the name for the new folder.

Click ‘Save’ to save the image or click ‘Cancel’ to abort the process.