Parsing Steps

Parsing Steps  


Step #1: The below setup will initiate the leads from internet portals and corporate websites getting into eMax automatically.

Your unique email identifier ( needs to be linked to your submit button on your landing page. (See sample below).

All lead forms need to be sent to ( ) in plain text format.



Step #2: Submit a test lead from your website landing page. (See below)



Step #3: to confirm receipt of this test: compose an email with the content of your test lead – put the subject line: (Client company name- test email). This will allow our technical team to build a data template to capture this information.

After the template is built, we will provide you with a unique ID (GUID) to insert into your emails.

Below is a sample template for lead email. You are not limited to these fields as your form may ask different questions. We will build our template based on the date you provide. 

However, the format is very important.