Ownership areas allow the user to manage the owners of the franchise. The user can click on the Ownership from location details to view ownership details (current company, current owners and previous owners).

Current owner information displays:

· Name of the owner

· Primary owner label (if applicable)

· Multi-unit owner label (if applicable)

· Name/number of the locations in case of multi-unit owner

· Change photo option

· Delete option

· Create ticket option

· Ownership percentage

The user can click on More Info/Less Info options to view its details.

The first owner added for a location is called a ‘Primary Owner’ if the location is added from LMS.

How to Add an Existing Owner

Existing owners are those who already own an existing franchise. To add an existing owner, click on the ‘Actions’ button in the ownership details area and then select ‘Add Existing Owner’ option.

A new pop up will appear which will display the list of all existing owners of other locations (sorted by name). The user can search this owner list by first and last name. Select the desired owner and click ‘Add.’ When an owner is selected, then the owner is added for all stores which the particular company owns.

A prompt will appear for confirmation listing already operating locations of the owner. After the confirmation, the owner will be added for this location.

How to Add a New Owner

To add a New Owner, click on the ‘Actions’ button in the ownership details area and then select ‘Add New Owner’ option.

A new area will appear where the user can add the details for the ‘New’ owner.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow users to add/remove fields in the owner profile which are not defined above. A custom field can be defined while adding a new owner or editing any existing owner profile. Any new custom field defined will be available in all owner profiles. To create a new custom field, the user will see a small form with following fields:


To keep the system flexible, the user also has the privilege to add custom fields for the owner, to accommodate specific information that it is vital for, and not defined in the ‘New Owner’ area.

How to Delete an Owner

An owner of a specific location can be deleted in the ownership section of a location.

In the Current Owners section, click on the Delete option below the owner’s details. In case owner type is Primary owner, the user will not be permitted to delete the owner. A pop up is displayed to notify the user.

In case the owner is not a primary owner, a pop up will appear that will notify the user of the list of locations from which the owner will be deleted.