New Employee



The ‘New’ button on the Employee page will let you add a new employee in the system. By default, all fields will be blank.

The following set of information has to be added in the new employee form:

  • Profile Picture: Your profile picture is the main photo of you on your profile. Your profile picture appears as a thumbnail in different areas of ncompass. To upload a profile photo, use the ncompass uploader . Only allow images types (JPG, PNG, TIF). JPEG and GIF.


Custom Fields 

Custom fields allow users to add customized fields in employee profiles which are not defined above. A custom field can be defined while adding a new employee or editing any existing employee profile. Any new custom field defined will be available in all employee profiles. To create a new custom user, you will see a small form with following fields, all fields will be blank by default:

The user may click on the Save button to save the employee and Cancel to dismiss the process. Upon save, system will send a welcome email to the user with their temporary password.