My links aren’t working in campaign emails!

My links aren’t working in campaign emails!

If you or a lead clicks on a trackable link in LeadManagement and it takes them to the home page, the link is not set up correctly. The most common cause of this is when the campaign email was created, it was most likely copied from another campaign. All links in an email campaign are specific to that campaign and will not work unless recreated in the new campaign. The easiest way to check if your new campaign has the links set up is to go to the “Campaign” page and look to the right of your campaign link. Please look for a column with several “Links (#)” links.


If the campaign in question has a link labeled “Links (0)”, as listed below, then there are no active links in your campaign and they must be created.

Another common cause is the type of link itself. Certain links, such as the Advanced Form, Opportunity Center, and Unsubscribed link, must have a candidate profile linked to them in order to work correctly. They cannot be tested using the Message Editor page.


The easiest way to avoid this is to create a “dummy” candidate for yourself and send the email from the “Campaign” tab of the candidate profile. We recommend this for all email testing, as you will receive an exact copy of an email your leads will receive.

If you have verified that none of these issues are the reason for the link error, please submit a ticket to the Help Desk and select “Campaign Editing” and provide as much detail as possible and we will be happy to assist.