Missing Closeout

Missing Closeout

This section you can view a list of all locations, which did not perform a closeout for any day in the current week. 

Following is the description of information provided in the list. 

The columns are sort-able; you can sort the list according to a certain criterion by clicking the respective column header and the list will be sorted in ascending order, and clicking again would arrange the list in descending order. Sorting is only possible with location number and location name columns. By default, the list is sorted with ascending location number. 

You can search a location-by-location name or location number. Following filters will be available for Missing Closeouts. 

  1. Countries: By default, All Countries will be selected. However, you can select any one country from the drop down. 

  1. States: By default, All States will be selected. However, you have the ability to select the desired state for the country selected. 

  1. Date: By default, the date selected would be yesterday’s. However, you have the ability to select any date from the current week. 

Click the Print button to print the list or click Export to Excel to download the report in Excel format.