Lock Account

Lock Account

A User’s account can be locked by the following different ways:

1. Manually, by clicking on the ‘Lock Account’ option in the ‘Actions’ drop-down. You will have to enter a reason for this action.



2. If a user is trying to login with an invalid password for more than ‘X’ number times. (This option will be configurable in setting), the system will identify the user by email and lock the account.

3. If a user does not login to ncompass desktop or app for 7 days (This option will be configurable in setting), system will lock the user account.This will be a scheduled service and will run daily at the start of the day.

Once an account is locked, the user will not be able to access ncompass and other apps.

If this employee tries to login to ncompass while the account is locked, user will be shown the following account lock message on login screen.