Locations section list displays the list of locations that are assigned to a development template.  Here are a few examples of scenarios with may require a location to be assigned to a template in the Development Module:


  • A new business owner who has signed the agreement and is permitted to launch a new store location so a template is assigned to them in order to complete the stages required to launch a new store.  

  • Any existing operational location that has been suspended, abandoned, terminated, or transferred from the Compliance Module and was confirmed to be sent to the Development Module in order to complete certain stages before it attains a new status. 

  • Any suspended, abandoned, terminated, or transferred location whose status is changed and needs to meet certain requirements in order to attain the new status. 



Location Filters

The user can filter locations by using the following list of filters 

  • Duration 

  • This Week 

  • Last Week 

  • This Month 

  • Last Month 

  • This Quarter 

  • Last Quarter 

  • This Year 

  • Last Year 

  • Custom 

  • Countries 

  • Coordinators 

  • Templates 

  • Stages 

  • Status 

  • Coming Soon 

  • Operating 

  • Terminated 

  • Suspended 

  • Transferred 

  • Abandoned 


The Coordinator is the corporate employee managing moving the location through the development template.  The system also provides the functionality to change the Coordinator of a location in one click. The user can click the ‘Change’ button for the desired location to change its coordinator.