Library - Operations

Library - Operations

Operations Manuals allow the franchisor to provide guidelines about operations to the franchisees in a cost effective and secure manner. Franchisee can conveniently get all updated operational guidelines through the Operation Manual. From company policies to how-to guides, every piece of information that the franchisee needs is available here. Documents are arranged in the form of chapters and each chapter consists of topics. The following functions can be performed in this section:

  • Add New Chapters
  • Edit Chapters
  • Filter Chapters
  • Sort Chapters
  • Delete Chapters
  • Search Topics and Forms

You can share Operations Manual Topics to Franchisees and End Users via the LiveWall in one of two ways:

The User can filter Chapters using the filter options available at the top of each manual. The following types of filter options are available within the Operations Manual:

  • Countries Filter: This filter enables the User to view Chapters for a specific country
  • Concept Filter: This filter enables the User to view Chapters belonging to specific concepts
  • Expiry Filter: This filter allows the User to filter between expired or active Chapters - By Default, it shows only active content