Library - Documents

Library - Documents

Ensuring the proper permissions are rolled out to the end users is a crucial step in securing your proprietary data. Some files warrant interaction between all Users, where other files need to be reduced to specific locations, or Users within those locations. Let's have a look with the video found at the link below or a step-by-step walk through.

In the Library, you have the ability to setup permissions for each folder. As you build out the Folder Structure within the Categories section you can create folders within folders and layering permissions - similar to a Windows File Explorer. 

To set permissions, click the Cog Wheel in the bottom-right of the folder icon, specify which locations have access to this folder and which do not. Please note that if you do not specify any locations, the system defaults to "Everyone". The benefit of the "Everyone" category is that if new locations are added, they will automatically be able to see this content.

If you want to specify users from another category, such as Corporate Users - use the drop-down at the top and you can manually add those in the same pop-up. 

By clicking into a folder and selecting a Document, you can use the "Share" button to get a share-able link to that document which be used via a Communications Post or shared through another channel.