Library Dashboard

Library Dashboard

Dashboard is the landing page of the Library Module, displaying all important updates and statistics on one page.

The following is a set of information the user can get from widgets on the Library Dashboard:

· Not Updated: Lists the topics which have not been updated in a specified time period. The time period on this widget is configurable. 

· Topic Widget: Allows the user to select for New Topics and Recent Updates. New Topics will display the statistics of new topics created while Recent Updates will display the topics that have been recently modified or updated in the selected time period. By default, the duration filter is set to ‘This Month’ but the user can also change the duration to view specific results of a certain time frame. 

· Expired Topics: Lists all the forms and topics which have passed their expiry date. User can extend the expiry date of any topic if required.


You can see when Topics are recently updated or added they will appear here and can be clicked on to view. This allows Users to see a high-level view of the various guides and allows for quick and easy access to view/edit Topics.

On the right-hand side, you will see the "My Widgets" section. My Widgets display the number of important topics and guides. The User can get a general overview of important updates made to the various sections within the Library Module. Upon clicking a widget, the details of that section are displayed.

By clicking into a Topic, you can see that a User may also sort by the following fields:

  • Manual Type
  • Chapter
  • Title
  • Sequence (order the Chapter appears within the Topic)
  • Keywords (these can be used to find this Topic/Chapter with a search)
  • Activation/Expiration Date

The columns displayed are sort-able. Clicking the column title sorts the list in ascending order, while clicking again results in a descending order. The User can also change the sequence of the Topics by dragging a Topic from the list and dropping it at the desired location.

By clicking into any of the sub-modules, you can use the Search Bar in top left-hand column to search Topics and forms. The User can check the options for searching forms specifically on the right side of the search bar.