Lead Routing

Lead Routing

Based on the number of sales team members you have and the varying types of leads you receive, Lead Management can be configured to route leads accordingly. When a lead is received, the routing rule that applies will designate which LeadGroup the leads should be assigned to.

Examples of routing rules include:


• Round Robin - a uniform or specific % of leads distributed to each user.

• Geographic - DMA, state, city, or zip codes can be analyzed and the lead distributed to the appropriate User/LeadGroup.

• Financial - financial filters, both for net and liquid assets, can determine where a lead is sent.

• Custom - a combination of the above can be performed

The LeadGroup worksheet in the setup file includes a column for you to enter descriptions of the routing rules for each respective LeadGroup. The Lead Management Client Services team will let configure and manage your routing rules for you.  For additional examples, suggestions, or to update your routing, Click Here .