The Inbox section contains all Solution Center tickets and activities and is divided into the following areas:

· Inbox/Activities Panel

· Location Panel

Inbox /Activities Panel

The Inbox area displays all messages and helpdesk tickets created by franchisees and corporate users, while ‘Activities’ area displays ‘Activities’ (call, meeting, fax, email, etc.) created by corporate users only. Users can filter existing messages/activities by:

- Department

- Ticket Status (Read, Unread)

- Waiting for me

The Inbox and Activities sections are scrollable and display the most recent ‘Messages’ and ‘Activities.’ For a detailed listing and search option click See All. This will redirect user to full screen view of the same information with a ‘Search’ feature where the user can search for a specific message/activity.

Note: Messages are a two way communication while ‘Activities’ are one way.

Location Panel

The Location panel displays a list of locations with the number of activities. Locations with no activities are not displayed in this list by default. This area is designed to prompt the user to view locations which need immediate help. Location(s) with the most number of open tickets will show on top. Locations with five or more open tickets will have a red number bubble while the yellow bubble represents four or less open tickets.

Locations can be searched using the search bar on top. The user can search locations by the following:

· Store Number

· State

· Country

The user can view the open and closed tickets/activities of a specific location by clicking on that location from the stores list. A ‘Location Validation’ pop up is shown to help the user to verify identity of location user.