How to View Location Details

How to View Location Details

To view compliance related details for a specific location, click on the desired location. A new area will appear where the user can view the following details of the compliance locations:

The bubble icon with a number besides the ‘Flags and Notes’ tab displays the number of elements within the option. The user can view the location image to the right.

Widgets below the location image display important statistics for the location. Below the Widgets, the user can view the important dates, vitals, and locations statistics as well.

The ‘Action’ drop-down on the right shows the status this location can be marked:


To suspend any location, click the status from the ‘Action’ drop-down. The system will prompt for a confirmation and if you confirm, the location will be suspended and will be shown in the Development Module (under the unassigned location list on home page). From there, a suspension checklist can be assigned to the location.

Similarly, the process works for abandon, termination, and transfers.