How to Process New Leads

How to Process New Leads

Step 1 – Find the Lead

From the Home – Desktop menu click on the new candidate’s name highlighted in Blue in the lead prioritization panel (If the lead isn’t visible in the lead prioritization panel, you can use the “Quick Search” function on the left of the page to find them).

Step 2 – Update their Sales Status

Once you click on a lead, the system will take you to that candidate’s profile page. You can update the status of the candidate by changing the sales status field at the bottom of the page.

The sales status field contains a drop-down list containing all the steps in your company’s sales process. Update the sales status by selecting the application status as you begin to work the lead.

Example: After the first phone call you change the status from “New Lead” to “Contact Attempted” and click SAVE.

Every time a change is made to the sales status field and the panel is SAVED, the system records the change. This information is then used in “pipeline” reports that can tell you how many leads you have in the various sales stages.

Another important field that is related to sales status is Disposition. Disposition helps keep your sales pipeline current. Anytime a lead is no longer considered a viable prospect, you can go to the disposition field and select the reason why.

Example: If a lead doesn’t qualify financially, you can change the disposition from “Active” to “Not Qualified - Financial” and click SAVE.

Changing the disposition will drop the lead from the current sales pipeline, but will maintain it in the system for future activation or reporting needs. This would allow you to focus on the HOT leads that remain in the sales pipeline.


Step 3 – Create Tasks Associated with the Lead

Use the Task Panel to help you create reminders for yourself for any next steps required. Don’t forget to SAVE after you complete entering or updating your task.

Step 4 – Add Notes About the Lead

In the Notes Panel, you can type in items of interest about that candidate that is saved to their profile. Make sure you Click on SAVE after you complete your notes.


Step 5 - View and Send their Email Campaigns

The Campaigns Panel will show the emails that are scheduled to go to the lead as well as the emails they have already received.  Marketing emails can also be sent to the candidate via this panel. To send a campaign manually, just click on the drop-down arrow, Select the campaign you want and click on GO. The system will set the selected campaign under Pending Messages.  If that is the correct campaign click on SEND NOW. After the campaign is sent, you will see it under the Message History section on the panel.

Step 6 – Upload Important Documents

In the Documents panel, you can upload any documents related to the candidate. Click on ADD Document and follow the fields.