How to Add, Edit, or Delete a Topic

How to Add, Edit, or Delete a Topic

Adding a New Topic:

When a User goes to create a new Topic, they may select from one of the pre-designated Templates to setup the current Topic to be worked on. 

Editing/Deleting a Topic:

The user can Edit or Delete a desired topic by clicking on the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ option on the right side of each topic selection.

Clicking on ‘Edit’ will display an area where the user can view the current details of the topic and can perform the required changes. Upon clicking on delete, the topic will be deleted after user confirmation.

Sharing a Topic/Chapter:

After saving a new Topic/Chapter, you will have two options from the drop down in the top right-hand side. You can either "Make Available" to a specific location or to "Share" it which provides a link that can be shared via a Communications Post or through another channel.