How to Add, Edit, or Delete a Chapter

How to Add, Edit, or Delete a Chapter

Adding a New Chapter:

The user can create a new chapter by clicking on the ‘New’ button in the top right corner of Operations, Departments, or Company Guide section. 

A new area will appear where the user can fill the required fields for the New Chapter and click ‘Save’ to save it. 


In case of Operations Manual, the manual type will by default be Operations Manual, however the user can change it if required. The User will get the following sharing options when creating a new Chapter:

  • Share by Country
  • Enabling Available to Operating Locations will make this Chapter available to all "Operating Locations"
  • Enabling the Visible to Coming Soon Locations will also make this topic available to "Coming Soon" stores
  • Expires option defines the expiry date of the Chapter. If enabled, the User will have to define a date on which the Chapter will no longer be active. Expiry dates of Chapters/Topics can also be extended afterwards.



Sub-Module Specific Uses:

In case of Departments Manuals, the Manual type will be ‘Departments Manual’ and the user will specify the department for which this manual is applicable.


In case of the Company Guide, the manual type is by default Company guide.


Editing or Deleting a Chapter:

The user can Edit or Delete a desired chapter by clicking on the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ option on the right side of each chapter selection.


Clicking on ‘Edit’ will display an area where the user can view the current details of the chapter and can perform the required changes. Upon clicking on delete, the chapter will be deleted after user confirmation.

Sharing a Specific Chapter/Topic:

After saving a new Chapter/Topic, you will have two options from the drop down in the top right-hand side. You can either "Make Available" to a specific location or to "Share" it, which will give you a link to share via a Communications Post or through another channel.