How do I find my email address for leads?

How do I find my email address for leads?

eMax can be set up to allow your corporate website and other portals to send leads to you that will be automatically entered into your database. In order for these leads to be accepted, you will need to provide an email address to your webmaster and the portals for implementation. We will provide it for you during implementation, but if you ever need to find it after that, you can do so by following the attached steps.
For starters, please click on the “Workflow” tab in the system.

Next, please click on the “LeadGroup” link.

Depending on how your database is set up, you will most likely have a “Top Level” with LeadGroups listed underneath it, or one named “Domestic Leads.” This LeadGroup will often have a router attached to it, which depending on your individual setup, will have rules for states, countries, and other information that you may request during your initial implementation. If you look to the left of this LeadGroup’s name, you will see a “bubble” with an “I” in the middle of it.

When you click on bubble, you will see the “Quick Search” area change to a “LeadGroups Setting” page. The first entry is a “System ID” number, but will consist of a 6-8 digit number.

Please take that number and place the word “campaign” in front of it, and the phrase “” behind it.  In this case, the email address would be  ””. You would then send that email address to your webmaster and portals for parsing.

Please note, depending on your setup, the main LeadGroup may not always be the clearest. In cases like that, or where you have multiple concepts, please contact the Help Desk  for assistance so that you can be assured to have the correct email address.