Flags indicate abnormal behavior within a franchise system. Furthermore, they also show how many locations are impacted by an event. Flags area contains a list of all types of Flags created by the user.


In this section, the user can view the following statistics of the flag:

· Name

· Creation Date

· Name of Creator

· Number of Locations

· Percentage

· Peak

· Peak Date

· Status

· Edit Action Option

The user can also filter Flags using the status filter in the top.

How to Add a New Flag

To add a new flag, click on the ‘Add’ flag button in the top right area.


A new pop up will appear where the user can enter the name of the flag:


Click on ‘Save’ to save the Flag or click ‘Cancel’ to abort the process.

How to View Activities of a Specific Flag

To view activities associated with a specific Flag, click on that desired Flag from the Flags list. A new area will appear that will display Activities/Tickets that are associated with the selected Flag.

The user can also filter the flagged activities by the coordinators dropdown. Locations can be searched using the search bar.

Clicking on a ticket/activity will display its details.

How to View Peak Info

Peak info shows the maximum number of Tickets/Activities that were associated with the selected Flag. This information is useful to see the extent or peak of a flag or event. To view the Peak info, click on the ‘Peak Info’ button in the top right.


A new area will appear that will display the ‘Peak Info’. Peak will show all tickets/activities including the one which are completed and or closed.