In the Employees section, you will see all your employees. By default the employee’s grid will be alphabetically sorted by ‘Name’ and will show active employees. By default employees will be filtered according to the department of the currently logged in employee. The user can click on any column header to sort the list accordingly.

Two types of filters will be available for Employees grid:

  1. Department: It will contain a list of all departments. 
  2. Status: It will be an enumeration defined and each status will represent a value.

a) Show All: This will be the default value. Once this option is selected this filter will not be applied on employees and will show all employees.

b) Active: Shows only active employees.

c) Inactive: Shows only inactive employees.

  1. Search: search will be a full-text search. Otherwise, it will search in Employee First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Department Name, and Job Title. Search results will be shown in the list. The keyword will not be removed from search box. The search field has a 50 character limit. 

By default, the user will see 25 records on one page. However, the user can select 50, 100, or show all from dropdown to list desired number of records on one page. The user can also jump on any page number. And next/previous buttons will also be available based on selected page. The system will also show a record sequence.