Lead Management API Documentation

Lead Management API Documentation

Lead Management API documentation can be found here .

For testing, you will need to send an email to help@naranga.com to request the following information:



-Client Id

-Client Secret

In the Swagger documentation, select the blue "i" bubble

Select Type of Basic Authentication, and enter the authentication keys provided by the support team.

This should get you authenticated within Swagger.

From there, Select the yellow Model box, and you'll be able to edit the white Model box.

Using the API with POSTMAN

Open new tab in POSTMAN. Add the following URL-  https://secure.emaximation.com/eMaxAuthServer/oauth2/token

Update the restful call to post

Click on the Authorization tab

Set TYPE to Basic Auth

Add username and password
****“use the clientid for username” and password “use secret for password”*****

Click body add keys and the following values (No value for scope)

Key                     Value

grant_type           password
username            "your ClientId"
password             "your Client Secret"

Click SEND button  then copy access_token

Open a new tab click on header,add the following keys/values

Key                 Value

Content-Type        application/json
Authorization       bearer"whitespace""copied access token" (no quotes)
Add Endpoint URL -

7)Click on the BODY tab

8)Add the json and click send