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Development Checklist

Development Checklist

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Video Summary Breakdown:

Building out a template

(0:00 -9:03 minute mark)

-Franchisor and Franchisee Timelines

-A checklist/tasklist can be one of many processes

-Creating templates

-Run Stages In Parallel

Option 1: Creating all steps and stages within 1 template

Option 2: Space out steps and stages in multiple templates and run in parallel

-Managing Your Locations in Each Template & Using the Widgets from Module Dashboard

(9:04-9:59 Mark)

-Assign Your Locations in Each Template

10:00- 10:59

-Viewing What the Franchisee Sees (Click Here to Learn How)

11:00- 12:15

Client Joins Webinar and Training Is Repeated

13:00- Until Video End