Departments - People

Departments - People

In the departments section, you will see all departments. By default, the list will be sorted by ‘Last Updated’ and only ‘Active’ departments will be displayed. The user can select ‘Show All’ or ‘Inactive’ departments from the filter available to view all departments/inactive departments.

The user can click on any column header to sort the list accordingly. You can search departments by department name, head name, admin name, and phone number.







Adding a New Department 

You can add a new department in the ‘Departments’ section. The following will be the fields in the New department form:




How to Inactivate Department? 

You can inactivate department by clicking the ‘Inactivate’ button in ‘Edit Department’ view.

When a user clicks ‘Inactivate’ a confirmation alert will be shown to the user before inactivating the department. 


If you try to inactivate a department which has active employees, the following pop up is displayed, preventing the deletion: