Corporate Info

Corporate Info

Existing Corporate

To search for an existing corporate, you can enter the search thread in the text area provided and then the system will show suggestions. Select a corporate from the given suggestions and you will be directed to the corporate information form. It displays the following information on the form:

Current Owners Details

The list of current owners is displayed with their relevant location information. The following actions can be performed on the owner information available here:



The ‘Actions’ drop-down will be used to do the following:


• Add Existing Owner: Discussed on page 25

• Add New Owner: Discussed on page 28

New Corporate

You can create a new corporate entity for the new location instead of selecting an existing one. Click the Add New button to open the New Corporate form.

General Information

After completion of the corporate information, the user can add the General Information for the corporate entity. If you have not added any owners for a corporate while adding corporate information, an alert is displayed asking the user to complete corporate information before adding the General Information. 

The General Information form is explained below:

In case the locations are exported to ncompass from LMS, they will be listed in the “Coming Soon” list of