Co-op Fee

Co-op Fee

Co-op fees are charged from each co-op each week. This section helps you to manage the co-op fees.

Filters are available for filtering results according to co-ops and time. Following options are available in time filters: This Month, Last 12 Months, This Year, Last Week, Last Month, Last Year and All Weeks. By default the selected option in Last Week. The search bar is available for searching for a specific co-op.

The columns are sortable, meaning that clicking the title of a column sorts the list according to the respective criterion in ascending order while clicking again sorts the list in descending order.

Click the Print button against the desired coop to print it.

Co-op Detail

To view the detail of a coop, click it and the list of locations present inside it are listed.

The Confirm check box enables you to confirm the coop fee payment for the respective location.

You can search a location by using the search bar present on top. Click the Export to Excel button to download the list in excel format. Click the Print button to print the list.