Activity Status

Activity Status

You'll notice field at the top right of the profile named  Activity Status,  This field is system driven, and rarely requires you to make any update to it.  


Below are each of the options for Activity Statuses:

New. This is the default Activity Status that shows for a candidate who is new to the system and hasn't yet been enrolled in a campaign.  

Enrolled. This status is shown once a candidate has been enrolled in one of your campaigns.

Advanced. This status is set once a candidate completes the Advanced Form within one of your campaigns.

Unsubscribed. When a candidate's status shows as Unsubscribed, it means that they have unsubscribed from your campaigns.  When this happens the field will lock, and the system will no longer be able to send emails to the candidate.

Bounced. A candidate's Activity Status changes to "Bounced" if an email sent via Lead Management returns an invalid email address error.  The status functions similarly to Unsubscribed in that emails will no longer send while the candidate holds this activity status.  However, when a  candidate is in a Bounced status, you can update the candidate's email addresses, set the Activity Status back to New or Enrolled, and send emails through the system again.