Activate/Inactivate Employees

Activate/Inactivate Employees

How to Inactivate Employee 

To inactivate an employee, click the

button on the top right in Employee detail. The Inactive button should be visible throughout the employee details. An employee cannot activate/inactivate himself.

Upon clicking the button, a pop up similar to the one shown below will be displayed, enquiring the user of the reason for employee inactivation:

Click YES, inactivate this employee to inactivate or click No to quit.


How to Reactivate the Employee 

To reactivate an inactivated employee, visit the employee profile and click the  button and a pop up similar to the one shown below is displayed:

Click the Yes, activate employee button to activate the employee gain or click No to quit. If you are reactivating an employee whose department is inactive, the following pop up is displayed:

The user cannot reactivate a user from inactive departments.